Friday, July 13, 2012

farm country

The other day my friend Christine {Mari} called to see if we wanted to go to Farm Country with her and the kiddos.  Of course we do!??  So we packed a lunch and headed on over to Thanksgiving Point to see the animals.  I love hanging out with Mair because we get along so well!  We were first year teachers together and have worked together for six years!  She's known me all while Scottie and I dated, when we got married, had gabby and is just one of those friends that you know you'll have forever.  We always would joke around that Lamb and Mair should team teach and create a farm theme for our classroom.  soooo fitting haha.  Since she had her second baby and her husband has a new job, she will be staying home this year to be with the kiddos so that means I won't see her as much and that makes me sad :-( Happy for her though!  Another funny thing is that our husbands are both accountants and ended up working together at Tanner for a little while.  You can see why we got along so well and we make the perfect double date.  so much in common :-)

these little turkeys kept running up to gabby and flapping their wings against the glass.  gabbers thought it was hilarious

feeding the silly goats. gabby loved them and then got a little freaked out when they would baaa 

riding the ponies.  i swear this little girly could be the pig off that once comercial.  After she got used to it all she said was "We we weeeeee!"

  having fun "planting"

 and then loading up the truck with Will

  climbing "underground"

 she loved those bunnies 

   feeding the ducks

  i got a kick out of the fact that she didn't understand that she could put her hand through the fence rather than over the fence haha

 these friendly little horses were making me nervous!  They kept reaching through the fence to eat gabby's fingers and toes!  haha no wonder why there is a sign that says don't feed your fingers to the horses

Afterwards we ate lunch and got ice cream.  Gabby was so excited to have her own little cone but the funny thing is she didn't eat much of it.  it started melting all over her hands and lap so just as we were about to pack up and get in the car I took it away to wipe her off.  She was not happy about that so i tried to give it back to her but by then it was too late and it was way passed nap time so she grabbed it and threw it all over.  then she kept picking it back up off the ground and continued to throw it at me and anything else in it's path.   Good thing Mair was there to laugh about it with me or i'm sure I would have been embarrassed about my stinker child and the huge tantrum she was throwing.  Ahhhh gabby you are funny.  

Anyway, we sure did have a blast at the farm.  Gabby was LOVING the goats.  


sinika said...

Oh! Gabby covered in ice cream- so funny!

Jared and Christine said...

Oh Lamb!! I love this post!! I love that we BFFS!! (I know that is super cheesy!) It was a great day!! Let's do again, SOON!! Love ya!

Mama Swalz said...

Funny,Funny Gabby!