Saturday, November 12, 2011

halloween 2011

every year on halloween we go to the swalberg's house (adam and sinika) and eat yummy soup and then we head back to our house and pass out candy.  it's funny to think we have been in our house for 2 whole years now.  we moved in on halloween and met the entire neighborhood in one night!  we highly recommend it.    

gabbers was a kitty kat for halloween and boy on boy did i love dressing her up!  can i just tell you how fun it is having a little one this time of year?  i can hardly wait for christmas.  gabby will love all the lights and paper.  she is going to be in heaven!


grandpa steve and g

yummy soups 

homemade rootbeer.  the kiddos loved blowing, inhaling, smelling and waving the smoke

 elliott pre-costume 

 ollie the kindergartener.  funny how i teach his age group ( i wish he was one of my kinders)

adam the rootbeer maker

then we headed outside to snap some picture before the it got dark and the trick or treaters were out and about.

 i love how this little girlie points to everything she sees

aunt sini watches gabby while i'm at school.  she hadn't seen gabby for a week and was so excited to see her. she is so good with gabby and we're lucky to have her

grammy loves her gabby

can you tell she hates the grass?



ready to trick or treat

 gabby with her nephews.  they get so excited when i drop gabby off.  they are the best!

and this little cowboy, mr lincoln, melts my heart

 so serious

more serious

elliott and the bowl of candy.  they got so excited the doorbell rang they all rushed to open it to show off the creepy hand bowl.  once you put your hand in to get some candy, it would grab you!  scares me every time even though i know it's going to do it.  

spider sini ready for a night out!

happy halloween.


sinika said...

Ahh- so many cute pictures of little miss Gabby! I'm glad you guys came over for a bit!

Rachael said...

Adorable kids!

The Andersens said...

Gabby is the CUTEST Kitty cat I have ever seen! And I dont even like cats! (Sorry Lemons :) I love her costume. Too Cute! She is getting so big. I wish SO BAD we lived closer, so we could play!!! Miss you girl! You look great by the way!

Lisa Riddle said...

How cute! Don't kids make holidays so stinkin' fun.