Sunday, June 19, 2011

A Father's First

the other night I came home not feeling so great.  I'm not the type of person to throw up.  I will do ANYTHING to get around it if possible actually.  So when my tummy started to feel the urge I knew there was nothing I could do.  Of course naturally the next day was Father's Day.  Thanks to the food poisoning or stomach flu (not sure which) I spent all night with my best friend the garbage can.  Since we didn't want to get Gabby sick, Scottie's Daddy skills kicked into action and he quickly thawed some milk he found in the freezer, fed Gabby, dressed her in her PJ's and rocked her to sleep.  Too bad for him it was one of those odd nights when Gabby didn't sleep well and was up again at 1:00 and didn't want to go back to sleep till 2:00.  I was so grateful for him while I was sicker than a dog.  The next morning things continued as they had and I still wasn't feeling good which was sad because I was planning on making Scottie breakfast in bed but instead Scottie again, fed Gabby, gave her a bath, dressed her for church, put her down for a nap to prepare for the primary lesson, then off to church he went.  When he came home I was finally feeling better.  I felt so bad that of all days I happened to get sick on Scottie's first Father's Day.   Lucky for me he told me that he really enjoyed getting to do everything for Gabby and that he loved spending all day with her.  Boy oh boy did I find a good one.  He really is the greatest dad to our little G.  Every morning when he is getting ready, he always wants to be the first to go get her out of her crib and when he gets home from work I hear the same phrase over and over about how cute his Gabby girl is.  Sometimes when she is asleep for the night he asks me if he can go wake her up so he can play with her and for a bit and while he's at work he wants the update on how shes' doing and wants a daily picture text. He really loves his little  "Gabba Rue Rue" and I  am one lucky girl.  Happy first Father's Day of many to come babe.  I promise next year will be better. 

And a Happy Father's Day to my Fabulous Daddy.  Scottie always tell me how much I am like my dad and I find that as the best compliment I could have.  I love you! 
Oh, by the way Scottie, I think I see a hint of Gabby in this picture.  I knew she was in there somewhere.


The Andersens said...

What a CUTE post!! Im sorry you were so sick girl! But knowing you, Im sure you still made his fathers day special... You guys are the CUTEST parents! Im excited to see you in a few weeks!! Love ya!!

Tiercy said...

You seemed to handle life's little curves with grace. Being sick is the worst! Yay for daddy daughter time, you guys are the cutest.

Rachael said...

How sweet!!!!