Wednesday, January 11, 2012

365 days of gabby

Oh gabby-i can't believe you are already the big 1!  Time just flew and i have enjoyed every minute with you!  You make us laugh every second of the day and keep us on our toes.  you are always getting into lemons food, opening and shutting doors, climbing the stairs, pulling everything out of the cabinets and the drawers that you can reach.  I often wonder what our house would look like if i never intervened.

a few things that you might like to know about yourself right now when you are older-

-you always throw your food when you are D.O.N.E.  not just throw, i mean you get this little stinker face on and you hold the food out in your hand and watch to see what i am going to do.  then when i say no and try to stop you, you drop it as if you are saying "haha what are you gonna do about it mom?" 

- you can climb those stairs faster than lightening!  I see you headed for them and just when I put down what i'm doing to go after you, you have already made it to the top.  

-you love to blow kisses with the backside of your hand and you wave by only moving your wrist.

-you say WOW to everything in a whisper voice

-you love lights.  Your daddy and I are planning a trip to the lighting section at Home Depot one of these days.

-you are the best eater (knock on wood).  you love eggs, grapes, spinach, cabbage, carrots, zucchini, tomatoes, whole wheat tortillas, chicken, you name it. 

- you DO NOT like to cuddle or be held facing in.  you always have to face out and i'm assuming it's because you're a little independent.  

-you can chuck your binkies so far at nap and bed time I end up buying more because i can never find them.  

-you have 4 teeth up top and 2 on the bottom

-when you laugh, you crunch up your nose and it's quite possibly the cutest thing i have ever seen.

-your obsessed with animals.  you love to go sit by lemons and grammy and gramdpas dog holly.  you could play fetch with holly all day.  I love that you are nice and gentle when you pet them too. 

-you try to put everything on top of your head.   Combs, zucchini, hats, washcloths necklaces- and then you throw your hands up and squeal like its the funniest thing ever.  

-you love to drink out of everyones glass.  and when we give you a sip, you immediately stick your hand in the water and try to fish out the ice cubes.  Then after taking a nice big gulp, you turn and look at me and say "ahh" like it's the most refreshing thing you've had all day.

-you could probably eat a whole roll of toilet paper, paper towels, or entire magazine if i let you.  yes, you love paper.  

-you're the happiest, most easy going baby in the world.  and that comes from everyone not just me.

-i'm amazed at how fast you can unroll the toilet paper.  i turn my back on you for one second and poof!  it's all on the floor.

a few favorite pictures {in no particular order}

welcome to the family!
chillin under the billi lights

first and laste taste of rice cereal
what's up duck?
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car rides
fourth of july
big eyes and beautiful lips
a few weeks old and hanging out with mama on maternity leave

first concert to the see the Beatles (look a likes) it was raining and you were so tired :-(

passed out in the stroller
all ready for church
big feet little feet

chillin in the crib
and playing in the crib

loving cottage cheese
going to the zoo!

all bundled up

trying on her costume
christmas shopping
reading in the nude
with daddy at cousin Elliot's baptism

tummy time
bath time with mom
riding your pony
just a sip

playing at aunt sini's house with the boys

chilling with her hands in her pockets
helping mom make the bed-and playing parachute with the fitted sheet
like my hair?
loving the mirror
finally getting some hair
by golly it's george washington
loving those fingers
caught in the act with the toilet paper
hanging with grandpa steve
your first taste of ice cream

loving on lemons
nice to meet you!

shopping online

first time swimming

playing in the crib

reading good books

dinner with friends

loving those peaches
and more peaches
bath time

all nice and clean

love those eyes and lips

scared of the toys
playing at the zoo

kitty kat

hanging out with gramps
mama kisses
laughing with daddy
eating breakfast
playing peekaboo

first christmas

crawling behind the couch
stair master-daddy picked out your jammies (he thought they were unisex) haha

playing with grammy
santa helper
first time meeting santa
christmas morning

ride em' horsey!
newborn pics

 loving the mirror
 favorite picture in favorite jammies
 loving some more peaches
 snuggling with mama
 playing at aunt sini's
 farm country
 playing at aunt sini's
 taking naps with mr. ollie at aunt sini's
 peekaboo with grammy

me and mom

 first halloween
 hello mr monkey

 bath time again


 ready for a nap
 toy box
 watching tv with daddy
 ready for the outdoors
 loving the christmas ornaments
 warming up at the outdoor fireplace
 glass face

 playing with lem lems
 christmas morning with lem lems
 opening presents

kissy face 

 one year pics

look how much you've grown! 

-Annnnd i love you with all my heart and much, much, more.  Happy Birthday little girlie!


sinika said...

So fun to see all these pics!!