Thursday, September 23, 2010

We're having a baby....

GIRL!!!!! And we couldn't be more excited!!!

Ok, so this post is about five weeks late but give me a break because my whole life gets put on hold when school starts up again. Sad I know. Anyway, when I first found out I was pregnant I instantly thought girl, but then later on down the road I started having all these dreams about a little boy! That totally threw me off so then I just assumed the little babe was going to be a boy! I even started picking out all these cute boy names because I was 100% convinced boy. Well, the big day of my 19 week appointment came and Scottie and I anxiously waited to find out what our little lamb would be (haha). As we were staring at the screen, the x-ray tech was slowly measured everything to make sure all was well and then she got to the good stuff! She then told us that she was going to start looking to see if it was a girl or a boy. When she started typing on the screen "It's a......GIRL!" I freaked out! I could not believe it! This little one totally tricked me! It was so fun to see her moving ALL OVER THE PLACE in my tummy! It then finally hit me that I was pregnant and that I was really going to have a baby soon. I hate to say it but all this time I have felt fantastic and can't complain about a single symptom because well, I haven't had any? This baby girl has definitely been good to her mama to be. After we found out what we were having, Scottie and I went to the store to buy pink and blue balloons. We wanted to announce it in a fun way so we hurried to find whatever we could write on in the car which happened to be the back of a bank deposit slip? On each slip of paper we wrote different things. For the blue balloons we wrote...

"Sexist Pig! Try again!"
"Sorry! Toilet seats stay down in our house!"
"Come on, like the world really needs another boy?"

Inside the pink balloons we put things such as:
"Feminist! But, you're right!"
"Of course I'm going to need a shopping buddy!"
"Looks like we have a built in babysitter!"

We invited the family over to my parents to announce the big news. We each had them pick a pink balloon if they thought it was a girl, and a blue if it was a boy.

My mama: Boy

My Dad: Girl

Mr. Linc's: Girl

Elliott: Boy

Ollie O's: Girl

Sinika: Boy

My Brother Adam: Boy

Then we had them pop the balloon to find out what the answer was!

We had a lot of fun sharing the big news and can't wait for her to arrive on her new due date (if she decides to really come then) which is now January 3rd, 2011. The doctor moved my due date up since I was measuring big....hello??? Both parents are over six foot what did you expect??? Scottie is excited since he now has a good chance of having a December 2010 baby instead of a January 2011 baby. Yes, he is an accountant so now you can see why he is so excited. He really wants that tax credit. haha
Right now I am..
-25 weeks along
-Feeling my baby girl move all day long! Scottie finally felt her move the other night. It was really fun :-) In fact the other day I looked at my belly and noticed that it was extremly lopsided. I felt all the pressure on one side and then I saw my belly totally move to the left and even out!! I loved it!
-Still fitting into my regular pants (yay!)
-Not really wanting to eat anything. In fact nothing sounds good but fruits, vegetables and fried egss with fresh tomatoes from the garden.
-The first person at my school to have a girl in the last 2 years (I think)
-Still shocked that the growing bump is really a babe and not firm fat haha
-Not as feisty as I used to be (thank goodness)
-Still not enjoying gum, it's too strong of a flavor for my liking
-Forgetting everything that I was going to do (wait I still remember everything that Scott doesn't, like: where his keys, wallet, watch and phone are)
-Grossed out at the sight of blood when watching CSI.....that was never an issue before???
-Extreme hair growth in the back of my head and very very very slow in the front. Yes...I have a mullet. Party in the front please!!!!! Not in the back?
-Enjoying when my old & new first graders come up to me and rub my belly to say hello to the babe :-) they are adorable!
-Still getting in a good run every now and then
-Still having a hard time picking out a name...any ideas are appreciated!
-Still picking out colors for the babe's room but hey, I finally decided on a crib?
Over all I feel great and couldn't be happier! I am one lucky, lucky girl :-)

Ok so I know you were hoping for pictures but my camera is dead, I'm a little too tired, and have no makeup on ha!! So I promised myself by the end of the week!