Wednesday, April 28, 2010

10 years in the making....

So it is official!!! My hubby is finally a college grad! I know that 10 years sounds like he's been slacking but when you think about him going on a two year mission, basic training, and an 18 month tour of Iraq you have to be proud! Scottie graduated with a Masters in Accountancy. I am so proud of all his hard work and boy oh boy am I excited to have a husband again! This last semester was rough. He would wake up at 5:50 to get to school and study only to come home around 8-10 and do more homework until he was blue in the face! Congratulations babe I am SOOOO proud of you and all your amazing dedication!

Receiving the Diploma

I was so nervous I would miss getting a picture of Scott, so I dragged my sister Megs to help me get some pics and I booked it all the way down the 200 stairs in the Marriott Center to get a picture of Scottie getting his diploma.

My family: Dad, Mom, me, Scottie, Adam, Sini, Lincoln, Oliver, Elliott

Happiest Couple Ever!!

On Saturday, I told Scott that I was going to go "clean my mom's house". Little did he know I was throwing him a surprise graduation party. He and his family, that were in town for the big day, were headed to Thanksgiving Point to see the dinosaur museum, and that left me plenty of time to make cookies for some people and then head to my mom's house to get things in order. While I threw another tray of cookies in the oven I ran over to give my neighbor Joy some cookies to thank her for letting me borrow some vanilla. As I was at her house, my room mom from school who was making Scott's cake, called me and I rushed home to take the batch of cookies out of the oven. As I ran in the house talking on the phone to my room mom about where to meet her and what time the party was, I heard a rustling in the background. I turned around to see Scott sitting on the couch!!!!! He had come home while I was at my neighbors and I had been talking about his SURPRISE party!!!! I could have died. Thankfully he didn't ask, so I didn't say anything and then I rushed out the door to get everything ready! So off I went running all sorts of errands Costco, Partyland, etc etc.
By the time I had gotten everything ready for the big surprise I called Scottie to have him come over to my parents because we were going to have a big BBQ since my whole family was in town. It's a good thing I called him when I did because he was about to leave to go play tennis with his buddy Matt! Pheww! He was so surprised when everyone jumped out behind the counter and shouted SURPRISE!!!!

Here's the cake my wonderful room mom, Jamie Maio made! She did such an amazing job even though she had a "really hard time" making a BYU cake since she is U of U alumni....

...can you tell?

Special guests....

Auntie Megs and Kenzie

Adam, Sini and Mr. Linc

Kenzie making s'mores

Ollie O's, Kenzie and Elliott

Cody and Tanner

Scottie and Cody

And my hilarious dad trying to roast a marshmallow on the outside furnace
haha He cracks me up!

Nephews and My sweet and sassy niece

My sister Amy and Cody all the way from Vegas

And my fantastic parents for helping me pull off the party! Thanks Dad for making the tastiest ribs and chicken and thanks to my awesome trooper of a mom who just had her sixth hip surgery! She amazes me everyday! Love you guys!

Congrats babe! I love you!


Loftus' said...

CoNgRaTs!!! That is so awesome! Miss you to Christie - can you move to the 3rd grade?? :)

Cody and Wendy said...

Congrats Scott! What an accomplishment. I bet you're excited too Swals! We sure love you guys!

Mom Swalz said...

Yea Scottie! We are soooo proud of you-what an great accomplishment!
We are so happy that you are part of our family! We love you!! Congrats!!!