Sunday, May 11, 2008

One Fun Weekend

A weekend with Scottie...

Now that Scottie has been gone for about two was finally time for him to pay me a visit. But since the price of gas is an arm and a leg these days, we decided that he can't come up every weekend or there would be no point for him to be down there working. I didn't think it would be too hard not seeing my honey everyday, but I soon learned that IT SUCKS!!!! Finally after some convincing and smooth talking, I eventually convinced him to come up! These past two weeks truly made me a believer of the saying "Distance makes the heart grow fonder" (cheesy I know) but it was nice to do nothing but hang out with my Scottie....and get a good nights sleep knowing that he would protect me from a burglar breaking in (ha ha).

Here we are at Jimmy Johns eating those yummy, yummy sandwiches!!!

Pony Party

For a long time now we (meaning everyone that I work with or used to work with) have been meaning to get together and catch up. Never the less with everyone's busy schedules it never works out. Fortunately thanks to the efforts of Jonna Sutterfield and Lindsey McChesney, we were finally able to get together with those who were able to make it. Those of you who didn't make it....well you definitely missed out. It was so fun hanging out with those that I currently teach with outside of school and it was also a lot of fun catching up with those who have become moms and quit their day job. But other than that, there was lots of yummy food!! Which is another reason those of you who didn't make it missed out. Hopefully everyone will be able to make it next time!!
Go Pony!


The Hunzikers said...

When Jeff was gone last summer in May, he was TX and I never got to see him once. IT WAS HORRIBLE!!!! I know exactly how you feel! I am glad that Scottie came up and isn't too far away! You guys are such a cute couple!

Also, the Pony party rocked. I wish everyone would have come. It was so fun to hang out.

Laura T said...

Next time you really should invite Mark and Doug!!!!
Hint hint.

The Masked Blogger

Anonymous said...

Another fellow Jimmy John lover! Isn't it the greatest?!? I had a friend in college that worked there when it was in Provo and got me hooked so I was so glad to see another one back in town.

Cute blog!