Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Skiing with my Honey

Last year Scottie and I went skiing at Brianhead Resort. Well since I played basketball growing up I was forbidden to go skiing or we would suffer the to make a long story short I never went. Well when Scottie mentioned that we should go skiing over Thanksgiving I thought "Hey sounds fun! Shouldn't be too hard?" and we went. haha bad idea! I absolutely freaked! Since the only hill I had ever skiied on as a child was the bunny hill it was a difficult come back when our first run was a sheer drop off (ok well maybe I'm over doing it a little?) Lets just say the next time we went skiing over Easter break, we stuck to the bunny slopes (thanks to a little coaxing and a great husband). Never the less we had a great time! Or should I say I had a great time!? Thanks babe for putting up with your whimpy whimpy wife!


jonna said...

it's about time for a post! I was a swimmer and my coached tried to stop us from skiing, didn't really work being in a ski town and all.

forgot to tell you we had fun a couple weeks ago! eric likes scott...they get along great!!!

Jared and Christine said...

I can totally relate. I am a horrible skier!! It is nice to see a post from you. Love your guts!

The Peterson's said...

I have only been a few time but I am not very good! I understand.

Cindi said...

What a contrast in the Hawaii pictures and the skiing pictures. I, too have been anticipating a new post. My husband takes the older kids skiing and Halle and I have a warm day to ourselves!